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                Only the Best HOSTING Solutions

                We provide Fast & Reliable hosting servers around the world

                  Special OFFER! From $3.99 per month

                  Perfect for your Blog or Small business website! Benefit from this offer now!

                  • Unlimited Disk Space
                  • Uptime: 99.9%
                  • FREE Domain
                  • 24/7 Support
                  • 60 Day Money Back
                  • Test Drive cPanel
                  Storage Space for every need!

                  Ranging from Light to Complex Solutions we’ve got them all!

                  • Unlimited Disk Space
                  • FREE Google Credits
                  • Unlimited FTP
                  • FREE Site Builder
                  • Unlimited MySQL
                  • FREE Security Suite
                  • Unlimited E-Mails
                  • FREE Instant Setup
                    Easy to use Control Panel & FTP

                    Our backend is Modern & Functional so you’ll have everything close.

                    Application for your Smartphone

                    Mobile Control Panel for iOS & Android powered devices

                    Collect from

                      Connected to datacentre backbone

                      Our web servers are all connected to these 100 Mbps ports, which is then connected to the datacentre backbone, capable of up to the cool 90 Gb per second bandwidth!

                      Al阅读y convinced? Join us here:

                      Protected with UPS & generators

                      In addition to high physical security, all servers are protected with UPS and backup generators, you just can't beat this affordable peace of mind lorem ipsum dolor sit amet!

                      SIGN UP FOR A PLAN

                        No question is too stupid

                        Support directly from us, located in the UK, on a personal level with a friendly touch. There's no question too stupid or too clueless to ask lorem ipsum dolor mogrosit.

                        Not yet convinced? Learn 更多!

                          Plans & Pricing

                          Our hosting plans in 详细. Choose the right plan for you!

                          • STARTER $14.99/mo.
                            • 10GB Storage Space
                            • 50GB Monthly Bandwidth
                            • 10 Free Sub-Domains
                            • 250 E-mail Accounts
                            • Control Panel & FTP
                            • No Shared 128bit SSL
                            Best for: Start-ups, Blogs
                          • ADVANCED $24.99/mo.
                            • 250GB Storage Space
                            • 20,000GB Monthly Bandwidth
                            • 30 Free Sub-Domains
                            • 500 E-mail Accounts
                            • Control Panel & FTP
                            • No Shared 128bit SSL
                            Best for: Small Businesses
                            PROFESSIONAL $89.99/mo.
                            • 500GB Storage Space
                            • 40,000GB Monthly Bandwidth
                            • 50 Free Sub-Domains
                            • Unlimted E-mail Accounts
                            • Control Panel & FTP
                            • No Shared 128bit SSL
                              Best for: Resellers, Devs
                            1. BUSINESS $139.99/mo.
                              • Unlimted Storage Space
                              • Unlimted Monthly Bandwidth
                              • Unlimted Sub-Domains
                              • Unlimted E-mail Accounts
                              • Control Panel & FTP
                              • No Shared 128bit SSL
                              Best for: Big Projects

                            So, why CLOUDHOST? Because we have all-inclusive prices and unbeatable value
                            Other companies promise cheap hosting, but then charge extra for setup fees, higher renewal
                            rates, or promotional services.

                            Features you'll Enjoy

                            Our Award Winning hosting is feature packed and extremely reliable!


                              We run the latest version of PHP5 and MySQL 5. We support Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI, Curl and GD. 联系 us 关于 running any other.


                                Our doors never close! We can guarantee true 24/7 tech support, weather it be late night on Christmas Day, or even on July 4th.


                                We have multiple hosting locations in the US and Europe. You can rest assured no matter where your target audience is, we are your hosting provider, world-wide, international!

                              1. Want to integrate your mail with another popular email system such as YMail, or Google Mail? No problem! We support IMAP, POP & SMTP, so you can route emails through other programs.


                                  We support both FTP and SFTP. So you can use your favourite FTP client on your computer to access your hosting.


                                    Always know exactly how many people are visiting your website with a reliable Visitor Counter. Keep track of how many guests have been to your website.


                                    SIGN UP FOR A PLAN       VIEW OUR SOLUTIONS